OrthoApnea NOA

The best device in the world.

What is NOA?

NOA is the most advanced Mandibular Advancement Device ever created. Completely developed in a digital environment, totally adapted to the patient’s jaw biomechanics, multiplying its efficiency and comfort.


A fully customized mechanism for each patient

  • Adaptation to your jaw movement. Avoids temporomandibular joint problems.
  • More comfort for the patient by being able to choose the lateral movement.
  • Possibility of frontal opening to allow mouth breathing.
  • Smaller size of the device for greater patient comfort.

Treatment Sequence

Product Features

Tailor Made

Customized device that guarantees a perfect adaptation to the patient’s teeth.

Freedom of Movement

Laterality and openness provide the patient with considerable range of jaw movement.

Multiple Solution

A device capable of solving different problems: snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

Clinically Approved

Rigorously examined under the supervision of sleep experts.

Mechanism of Action

Based on a controlled and comfortable jaw advance during use.

ISO Certification

OrthoApnea has obtained the ISO13485 and EC certificates that guarantee the efficiency of its management.