ProSomnus® [IA] Sleep and Snore Device

The first device designed for precision oral appliance therapy.

What is ProSomnus® [IA] ?

The precision manufactured ProSomnus [IA] Sleep Device is easy to customize for each patient centric treatment plan. Add Anterior Discluders, Airway Openings, Different Dual Post Angles, Splint Coverage Options, Compliance Sensor Capability, Unlimited Advancement Arches and more, all with the intent of optimizing patient experiences.


ProSomnus [IA] SELECT Sleep and Snore Device

The first oat device tailored to a specific patient phenotype.

A signature variation of the ProSomnus [IA] Device, SELECT enables patients to have an excellent treatment experience. SELECT is optimized for patients with challenged lip competency with less than 5.0mm of anticipated advancement.

Benefits of [IA]

Precision Dental Sleep Medicine has advanced to the stage that you can easily match patient-centric phenotypes to device design characteristics. Different Post Angles, Airway Opening, Anterior Discluder, Metal-Free Hooks for Elastics Customization, and more all to help make a therapeutic solution more individual. The ProSomnus [IA] platform lets you design your patient’s appliance to be as unique as they are.